Alex Grimaldo - 2019/20

Date of Auction: 24/05/2020
Price Sold for: 8.849 Ξ / £1,500.79

Number of Sorare Owners: 1
Highest Resale Price: Not Applicable

Initial Card Auction

In a week where a record amount of New Unique cards hit the market, the pick of the defenders up for grabs was undoubtedly Alex Grimaldo of Benfica. It was obvious this card was going to be much sought after, but less clear who would emerge victorious when the Sorare gavel struck.

The timing of this auction fell shortly after a Juventus bundle containing the 9/10 Super Rare of Cristiano Ronaldo. I only reference this, as the eventual winner of this Unique Grimaldo, mattcr7, narrowly missed out on the Ronaldo auction and whilst we can only speculate, my guess is that this was his preferred target.

Bid history courtesy of

But, Sorare auctions work in mysterious ways and so, let's celebrate this incredible auction win! The main bidding action came earlier in the day, and this would've still been considered an impressive price and memorable auction had there been no last ditch attempt from Black_Flag to deny mattcr7 for the second time in a day.

The final sales price of just under 8.85 ETH makes this the 7th most expensive Sorare Auction measured by ETH and the 4th most expensive as measured by GBP.

Card Status - mattcr7 (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*This takes Matt to 3 Uniques, with this Grimaldo being his first MVP. I've traded with Matt before, but I have no idea if this is a card he plans to use this as bait for other cards he likes more OR whether he will now go on to pick up 2 final Uniques in order to complete a competitive All-Star Division 1 team.*

Card Verdict

According to, under the current Sorare SO5 scoring metrics, Grimaldo is the highest scoring defender since the start of the 2018/19 season.

However, whilst this is a perfect card for Replay Tournaments, it looks like we will soon be returning back to live SO5 tournaments, and with his entry level power (and the fact Matt only has 3 Uniques), the only real impact this card can have in the short term is to recoup some of the initial outlay as part of a strong U23 Division 2 team.

I'm curious to track this card to see if there is an immediate change of ownership and to learn if this purchase was indeed a strategic move or should we just take this as an indicator that the MVP market is stepping up a level?

There will always be those that question the values people pay on cards (of all types) and my opinion on whether this is a £1,500 card is not important. The auction records show it is!