Diego Maradona - 2019-20

Date first auctioned: 23/05/2020
Price sold for: 8.257 Ξ / £1,409.47

Number of Sorare Owners: 1
Highest Resale Price: Not Applicable

Initial Card Auction

With a lot of Unique auctions, you can get a feeling on the lead-up as to whether the managers you'd expect to be interested will get involved. Sometimes, you can even get a feel for a final sales price. For the Unique Maradona card, I don't think anybody really knew who would be willing to step up and at what level.

Part of this was likely down to the fact that Maradona cards for 2019-20 are categorised as Coach cards (he is the current manager of Gimnasia) and when the announcement dropped earlier in the week, we were told that there would be no immediate utility for coaches, however, this would likely change in the future.

So, with this knowledge, we knew this would initially start out as a pure collectible card.

As you can see from the bidding history, the price of the card shot up significantly in the final 4 minutes. During this frantic finale, two new managers made valiant attempts to taste of glory for the first time in a Unique auction.

By the time I managed to place a bid, I ended up going in at a level over the limit I promised myself I'd stick to, and so when VictorNettoyeur pushed again to knock me off the top, my race was run.

That was to be the final bid, and with this the card became the 8th most expensive Sorare Auction measured by ETH, and the 5th most expensive measured by GBP.

Bid history courtesy of SorareData.com

Being the first Unique Maradona in the game (fingers crossed for more), there were a lot of eyes watching this play out. It did not disappoint... well, maybe just a bit for the 8 managers who were unsuccessful in their attempt to sign him.

Card Status - VictorNettoyeur (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*I think it's safe to say Victor won't be looking to flip this one for a few $$. If you look at his collection, I would say this is going to sit proudly alongside his other high profile MVP cards*

Card Verdict

It's simply too early to say whether the card will prove to be a shrewd purchase from a game perspective. We don't know if it will be 3 months, 1 year or even longer before Coaches are provided with any in-game benefits or utility.

From a collectors point of view, it's a beautiful card and it's a slice of Sorare history.

Now, had this been a Maradona Legend card from his days at Napoli. Wait, Napoli are a licensed team....


Sorare Card Link: https://sorare.com/cards/diego-armando-maradona-2019-unique-1