Hans Vanaken - 2018/19

Date first auctioned: 31/03/2019
Price sold for: 4.348 Ξ / £473.24

Number of Sorare Owners: 3 (Zuraw, Kringer99, markus1234)
Highest Resale Prices: 

13/06/2019 - 4.300 Ξ / £873.85
18/12/2019 -
6.800 Ξ / £646.14

Initial Card Auction

If only we had a crystal ball back in March 2019 when this infamous Hans Vanaken Unique first came up at auction. I think the signs were there that we knew he was good, but I don't think the majority of us had worked out just how valuable owning this card could be.

I'll document the exact numbers as I continue to blog other card histories, but I believe that most Uniques at this time were going for 1-3 ETH, so, this wasn't a small purchase at the time. Perhaps we did all have a bit more knowledge of his potential, but ultimately it was Kringer99 that took the plunge and Hans found his first home!

Card Transfer History

Vanaken first changed owners when Kringer99 received an offer he just couldn't say no to at the end of the 2018-19 season. In ETH terms he received pretty much the price he originally paid, but the exchange rate at the time would've allowed him to almost double his original investment. Not bad for just 10 weeks ownership in which he hepled win Division 1 on multiple occasions!

The transfer from Zuraw to Markus was partly down to the recent release of a 2019-20 Hans Vanaken Unique into the game. The ETH value reflected the power gap between the 2 cards and the inevitable success that would come with it. The other reason was the recent introduction of Sporting CP to the game and preparation for a certain Bruno Fernandes! It is interesting to look back and see that despite changing hands for 2.5 ETH more on this occasion, this actually represented a reasonable FIAT loss. I don't think we have to feel too sad about that though.... he would've more than paid his way over the 6 months Zuraw owned him!

Card Status - markus1234 (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*It makes zero sense to sell this card now (unless for a ridiculous offer). Markus has a lot of heavy hitting Uniques and whilst he continues to own Vanaken, he'll remain the manager to beat in All-Star Division 1 until live football resumes.*

Card Verdict

Hans Vanaken cards of all scarcities have probably contributed to more Sorare tournament victories and prizes than any other player cards. This 2018-19 OG is the daddy of them all, racking up wins for everyone that's had the pleasure of owning him.

Owning the card doesn't come without risk though. The more powerful he gets (currently 101x), the harder he gets to replace. Also, as we approach another summer transfer window, they'll no doubt be transfer interest from bigger clubs where he might lose his penalty taking duties.

For now though, he can be enjoyed and envied in equal measures. The question is, if he moves again in Sorare, who'll have the pleasure in owning him next?!


Sorare Card Link: https://sorare.com/cards/hans-vanaken-2018-unique-1