Hans Vanaken - 2019-20

Date of Auction: 14/11/2019
Price Sold for: 3.240 Ξ (£463.84)

Number of Sorare Owners: 1
Highest Resale Price: Not Applicable

Initial Card Auction

Strictly speaking, the 2019-20 Hans Vanaken is not a Sorare MVP. However, I'm going to make a few exceptions to the rules and given the steeped history of the original 2018-19 Unique, I think this one definitely deserves a mention.

When you own a Unique and you see the next seasons one appear at auction, it is a bitter sweet feeling. With Vanaken still banging in the goals for Club Brugge, this one at least wouldn't have come as a surprise, but it would've likely still taken a bit of the shine off owning the original.

Bid history courtesy of SorareData.com

I'm not sure if the fact it was his second Unique played into me not pushing Steve harder to win this auction or whether it was more that this would be his first Unique purchase and it would be different losing this auction to a first time buyer over an immediate rival. Whichever it was, it was certainly not a great decision!

Card Status - SteveDisc (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*Vanaken is the only Unique Steve owns that isn't eligible for U23, and at this time, he is not for sale. However, after a period of absence in the forums, Steve and I negotiated a deal that gives me the ability to strengthen my All-Star Division 1 team for the remainder of the Replay Tournaments in exchange for a couple of strong U23 cards that will increase his chances in the U23 Division 1.*

Card Verdict

With the seasonal bonus and twice weekly tournaments, the intial power gap between this card and his first season Unique has closed significantly. The original 2018-19 is still on another level, but on a week Vanaken scores, this is the second best card to own.

I would've loved to have agreed the loan deal 2 months earlier, but it's definitely better late than never. Let's see in the summer if Vanaken stays or leaves Club Brugge and whether this card might also make a permanent move too!


Sorare Card Link: https://sorare.com/cards/hans-vanaken-2019-unique-1