Jarrod Bowen - 2019/20

Date first auctioned: 10/04/2020
Price sold for: 9.889 Ξ (£1,259.17)

Number of Sorare Owners: 1
Highest Resale Price: Not Applicable

Initial Card Auction

West Ham spent big in the January transfer window to capture the signature of Jarrod Bowen and Black_Flag followed suit by having to do the same in order to fend off Anthony68390 who proved to be a strong adversary at this auction.

Bowen was the 5th and final player of a Special U23 Unique Team sold by Sorare on this week, and with Rodrigo Bentancur and Joao Felix selling for over 7 and 10 ETH respectively just 48 and 72 hours prior to this auction, the odds of this card selling cheaply were pretty low.

I thought I had a reasonable chance with my final attempt of 6.49 ETH, but this proved to be a long way short of the final sales price as the 2 main suitors for this card both bid twice more on top of this!

The final price ended up being the 3rd highest spent on a Sorare card at auction (in ETH) although when converted to FIAT this dropped it down to 6th.

Card Status - Black_Flag (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*In recent weeks I've tried my luck with a couple of trade offers but have been politely told he's not for sale. (Can't blame me for trying!)*

Card Verdict

After the auction, I did feel his final sales price was perhaps a bit on the high side, however, with him being brand new to the Sorare database and having arrived from Hull with an incredible goal and assist record, I do think this could still end up looking like a shrewd purchase.

A major benefit for the card is that even if West Ham get relegated this season, Championship matches are still scored in Sorare tournaments and this is where he has a proven track record.

With that said, despite having only seen glimpses of him before Covid-19 put a halt to the season, I've seen enough to believe that he has the ability to step up and perform in the Premier League if indeed West Ham can stay up.

He'll certainly be a card to be look out for in U23 Division 1 as he gains in power.


Sorare Card Link: https://sorare.com/cards/jarrod-bowen-2019-unique-1