Kalidou Koulibaly - 2019/20

Date of Auction: 19/05/2020
Price Sold for: 5.916 Ξ / £1,027.91

Number of Sorare Owners: 1
Highest Resale Price: Not Applicable

Initial Card Auction

If you slept through this auction, you may've just checked the final sales price and concluded that it just finished at a fair price for Napoli's imposing Sengalese centre back. A closer look at the bidding would actually reveal this was a card that sparked interest from a lot of different managers, many of who were awake to contest it's finish!

No less than 11 different managers were able to place a bid on this Unique with the most telling being the first and final bid by a manager who broke his Unique cherry with this signing.

Bid history courtesy of SorareData.com

As you can see from the timestamps (GMT), I was denied by just a few seconds by the all important bid from m.seguin for who Koulibaly becomes his first Unique signing and Sorare MVP!

Another significant milestone for this auction is that the FIAT value eclipses the price paid for Unique Ciro Immobile and places the sale of this card in 10th overall in the Top 10 Sorare Auctions measured by £ GBP.

Card Status - m.seguin (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*I think it's safe to say this card is staying put for a long time. I chatted to the proud, new owner who seemed delighted to land his man after diligently scouting the market for the last week*

Card Verdict

Whilst 2019/20 hasn't been a vintage year for Koulibaly, you would be hard pushed to name 3 more coveted centre backs in world football. If he were to leave Napoli this summer, he would leave an almost irreplaceable gap in their defence, and whoever he moved to would surely be getting a huge upgrade to theirs in what could still be the peak years of his career.

Whilst I'm personally disappointed to have not got this one, I'll take consolation in that he's ended up with a new manager that will need to buy him some MVP teammates.

Fortunately, this card by itself doesn't carry an immediate threat, however, there will be a time to worry if this card becomes more powerful and is played alongside 4 MVP's of a similar calibre...


Sorare Card Link: https://sorare.com/cards/kalidou-koulibaly-2019-unique-1