Matthijs De Ligt - 2019/20

Date Auctioned: 24/02/2020
Sale Price: 4.833 Ξ (£980.23)

Number of Sorare Owners: 1
Highest Resale Price: Not Applicable

Initial Card Auction

The Juventus announcement attracted a large number of new managers to Sorare at a time where 1 ETH was trading for over £200. Their pre-sale was also the first time where we saw cards auctioned in bundles of 5 (apparently for contractual reasons), which meant buying the De Ligt Unique also meant buying 4 other cards together with it.

All I remember about the end of this auction is being super happy with the final price (despite the high ETH exchange rate). In GBP he actually cost me more than Alex Telles who I paid 7.770 ETH Ξ (£862.55) just a few weeks earlier which really demonstrates the ETH rally that happened that month.

I'm not quite sure if this auction was slightly before or just after the announcement that they were opening up a U23 Division 1, but that wasn't a factor to me in this purchase. I don't watch Serie A closely, but had read he hadn't quite settled after his move from Ajax in the summer. I don't believe that was factored into the final auction price, however, had he continued his Ajax form, I have no doubt this card would've been contested to a lot higher number.

Card Status - YNWA (current owner)

This one is simple. I appreciate the enquiries and offers, but he's not for sale or trade.

Shortly after signing him, Kabak got an injury and so he slotted straight into my U23 Div 1 team. The twice weekly Replay Tournaments have allowed me to level him him up quickly, and I'm convinced this kid has a bright future in the game.

Sorare is already blessed with a lot of highly coveted U23 defenders, but I see this guy as being towards the very top of the list.

Card Verdict - YNWA

I'd have to dig back to see exactly how many winning SO5 teams he's already been on, but I'm convinced this card has easily helped pay back a decent proportion of the fee I spent on it. He's a well hyped future star benefitting from facing Cristiano Ronaldo in training and being mentored by the likes of Chiellini and Bonucci.

I only see this card gaining in value and I'd put him up there as one of my top 5 all-time purchases.


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