Victor Osimhen - 2018/19

Date of Auction: 05/05/2019
Price Sold for: 1.100 Ξ / £136.51

Number of Sorare Owners: 3 (YNWA, Oshay, Zuraw)
Highest Resale Price: 7.500 Ξ / £1,175.48

Initial Card Auction

During Beta Testing, Unique auctions came around once per week. The players selected to receive a Unique version were typically standout perfomers from the previous weekends matches.

I apologise if my recollection isn't entirely accurate and if I'm corrected, I'll edit this, but the week prior to this was the Unique auction for Giorgi Chakvetadze and the reason I mention this is that both that auction and this one for Victor Osimhen had a couple of similarities. Both were contested between myself and Oshay, and in both, a glitch prevented Oshay from submitting a higher bid to prolong the auction action.

Having had the fortune of winning both Chakvetadze and Osimhen at just over opening bid prices, as this was the second time it had happened, we agreed that Oshay would pay me the amount just over what the next bid would've been to take ownership of Osimhen as if he'd won the auction himself.

It won't take a lot of research to figure out the subsequent difference in fortunes these cards would go on to have with their respective managers!

Card Transfer History

After finishing the season with 12 goals and 3 assists in 22 starts, Osimhen secured a summer transfer to Lille and coincidentally over the same summer, a new ambitious Lille supporting Sorare Manager arrived on the scene.

On his Lille debut on Aug 11, 2019, Osimhen scored a brace in a 2-1 home win against Nantes which for the weekly Sorare SO5 tournament gave Oshay 165 points and the All-Star Division 1 title at the expense of the aforementioned new Lille supporting manager.

The following week, I believe I'm right in saying Oshay listed Osimhen speculatively for 7.5 ETH with no real expectation of it selling (as this was at a price well above what any card had sold for to date).

However, the price point didn't deter Zuraw and after an attempted negotiation for around 4 ETH was rejected, he just bought at Oshays full list price causing an instant shift of power and the start of a new era for the Unique card market.

Card Status - Zuraw (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*Not even having the same size wallet as the current owner will help you prise the jewel in his crown away!*

Card Summary / Verdict

Had I ended up keeping Osimhen and given up Chakvetadze instead, I can tell you that there is no way I would've had the audacity to list and believe in a 7.5 ETH pay day. I'd have more likely packed his bags for him if I was offered anywhere near 4 ETH back then! But, I do look back at the history of this card fondly as it is one that is engrained in the early fabric of this game.

The power and scoring ability of cards like this will mean you have a chance in every tournament you compete with them in and it is no surprise that Zuraw has built an army of Unique MVP's that will allow him to utilise Osimhen in either the All-Star or U23 Division 1.

With that said, 9 months on and there are a lot more Unique forwards able to match his output (including a Victor Osimhen 2019-20 Unique!) and if the current transfer speculation does result in him moving again this summer, he'll have to settle quickly and keep scoring regularly to retain his status amongst the most feared Unique cards in the game.


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