Victor Osimhen - 2019/20

Date of Auction: 22/12/2019
Price Sold for: 6.325 Ξ / £644.58

Number of Sorare Owners: 1
Highest Resale Price: Not Applicable

Initial Card Auction

Had Zuraw not already owned the Victor Osimhen 2018-19 Unique, I'm certain that this auction would've been a foregone conclusion. But, as he did, this left the door open for a manager seeking to add another MVP to his recent acquisitions of Uniques Vanaken, Dias and McKennie. Welcome to Sorare MVP folklore SteveDisc!

Bid history courtesy of

Whilst some managers like to wait until the dieing seconds to overbid, some will just instantly bid over you whenever they see the bell notification. Judging by the timestamps in this auction, Steve firmly falls into the latter category!

There really isn't anything else to add to this one.... strong bidding action from 3 serious managers in the final minute of a card well worth fighting for.

Card Status - SteveDisc (current owner)

Awaiting Comment

*I know for a fact that there have been numerous failed attempts to buy, trade and even loan this card. It sounded like there might have previously been a number that could've tempted a sale (least that appeared the case a few months ago), but a more recent focus to compete in U23 Division 1 will likely mean it will be a while before we see Osimhen II change owners!*

Card Summary

There are currently only a few Unique cards that have been produced with a 2018-19 and 2019-20 version and whilst it is too early too say, if Osimhen continues to play for a licensed club in the Sorare database during 2020-21, it is inevitable we'll see another Unique card created for him. Fortunately, demand exists for 2, 3 or even more of these cards, but for MVP's with multiple versions there are things to consider.

For this version, the early power gap conceded to the original Charleroi card has all but closed, which has helped to shrug off the weaker sibling look when comparing the cards alongside one another. In my opinion, a greater factor for the owner is how to best utilise the card in tournaments.

Charting recent team entries, it seems clear that this Osimhen is being used as the focal point of attack in a strong U23 Division 1 team (although this same team could easily do a lot of damage as well in the All-Star Division 1) where as there is less predictability in which tournament the original Osimhen will be deployed.

But, hey.. I don't need to worry about that... I need to concentrate on making sure I have a suitable striker on my own team capable of outscoring them both!


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