Hi - I'm YNWA and I was fortunate to have discovered Sorare  back in February 2019 when it launched.

Within a couple of days I knew this game had the potential to satisfy my football gaming needs and I recommend anyone spending endless hours on Football Manager, FIFA, PES, Soccer Manager or investing into Panini, Football Index & Footstock to check out this revolutionary Fantasy Football game.

Introducing Sorare MVP

Sorare MVP is a blog to showcase and celebrate the games scarcest and most valuable player cards.

I'll be documenting my personal experiences of buying and trading many of these most desired cards as well as sharing my knowledge of each cards status and value to its current owner.

If you are a fellow Sorare card collector or manager competing for the games top prizes, I'm confident you'll find my updates of interest!

Please don't expect a crazy amount of card statistics (for that please visit Sorare Data).  Instead, each card review will combine my memory of the original auction (some more vivid than others) along with details of all subsequent transactions and trades.

Thanks to all past and present MVP card owners who have contributed to the DNA of these amazing cards. I hope you don't mind me injecting my opinion into the updates!

If you'd like to discuss a specific Sorare MVP card in more detail, you can find me in the Sorare Discord and Telegram communities or via my social links.